The goal of gentle teaching isn’t to modify behaviors or to teach the person new skills. The goal of gentle teaching is teach the person the feeling of companionship and to improve the quality of life.

So first we focus on the four pillars of companionship, feeling

  • Safe with me
  • Loved by me
  • loving towards me
  • connected with me

and then we focus on the basic values of quality of life

  • Feeling self worth
  • Having a good body experience
  • Feeling safe
  • Feeling loved and loving
  • Feeling connected
  • Having meaningful activities
  • Feeling supported in live
  • Feeling inner contentment


Companionship and quality of life are the perspectives to work on. The pillars of companionship or the basic values of quality of life might be seen as the mail goals. Even these main goals may too big to start with as a general goal. So it may be necessary to cut the goal into smaller parts, like “feels comfortable with warm eye contact”


Be in the moment

Although it’s important to have a goal or perspective in mind when you are helping others, at the moment of the interaction you shouldn’t stick to your goals to much. When you are only thinking about your goals and how you should achieve them, you may not see what the person needs at the moment. Or you don’t go into his actual needs, because you had other plans for this interaction. So remember, what happens in the moment is always more important that goals described in the plan.