What is Gentle Teaching

Gentle Teaching is a framework for serving people with special needs, for whom it is hard to feel safe and loved.

In a few words

The essence of Gentle Teaching the intentional attitude of the caregiver to teach a person to feel safe, loved, loving and engaged

Gentle teaching

Gentle teaching was developed in the eighties by John McGee. In the early years gentle teaching was especially known as an approach for helping  people with an intellectual disability and severe behavior problems.


Companionship is the word John McGee - the founder of gentle teaching - gave to the relationship based on the four pillars: feeling safe, loved, loving and connected.

Being unconditional

Being unconditional means that our attitude toward a person is not depending on his or her behaviors. Regardless to what the person does, we keep to our promises and we give him the help and protection he needs.

An overview on GT

This is a more elaborate article with a desccription of all the important elements of gentle teaching.

Gentle professional

Some people think that gentle teaching is not professional, because there would be an insufficient emotional distance between the caregiver and the ‘clients’.